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The Purple Collective

Being a Prince fam has always been a badge of distinction.   Not only was it an instant symbol of cool, but it also meant you belonged to something much bigger than yourself… a brotherhood of conscious, curious, creative, wonderfully unique people.  There is no greater feeling than being a Prince fam in my opinion.


Prince singlehandedly brought groups of people from all different beliefs, backgrounds, lifestyles and interests together that otherwise would not be.  We learned to reject the box, defy labels, and not be categorized.  In the purple world, individuality, creativity and expression are paramount.  It’s the one place where being ‘weird’ is actually cool.  Here, weird doesn’t exist.


Meeting and interacting with other fams is truly a camaraderie, like family (indeed Prince didn’t call us fans), because that’s what we are to him and to each other.  We may not always agree (esp. when debating best/worst albums and deciphering lyric meanings😄), but it’s always purple love for him, and for each other.💜


There will no shortage of books, articles, essays, perhaps even scholarly research, in the years to come about Prince and his impact, and what they think it means to be a Prince fam, but none will be quite like this: told from our individual voices.  The people who live, breathe, and bleed purple.


We are The Purple Collective.

© 2017 All Rights Reserved

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