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Frequently Asked Questions

1.  Is this site only for Prince fans?  Can only superPrince fans contribute?

A. No!  This project is for everyone, and anyone can contribute.  All stories are welcome so long as it involves a mention of Prince or his music in some way, however big or small.  This project is built on the premise that everyone has a purple story to tell.  We want to hear yours. :0)

2.  Is this page affiliated with his family or his estate?

A. No.  This is a 100% fan-conceived, fan-run project dedicated to spreading purple love as he showed us for 40yrs and helping each other try to deal with the reality and pain of 4/21 through the telling of our own stories. .

3.  Is the information we submit secure?

A. Yes.  Humans of the Purple Collective does not share your information with anyone, nor will we sell or lease it.  Info collected is used solely to determine demographics of our readers/users to better serve our purple fam.

4.  Will the information we submit be used elsewhere?

A. Nope.  The pictures, stories and personal information submitted will only be used within the scope and context of this project.  See our Privacy Policy.

5.  Is Humans of the Purple Collective Free to Use?

A. Yes!  This project is solely to help our purple fam start the healing process from the loss of our dear brother Prince, through the tradition of storytelling.  The site will always be free from pop ups, click ads, anything that is a distraction from learning about Prince and our purple fam.



6.  Is there any money being exchanged with this project?

A.  No.  This project is borne solely out of purple love for the man & what he meant to us, and for each other during this painful time. 

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