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My Story

I’ve been a Prince fam since 1980.   I’ve never known a life without purpleness.  Truly.  It's like air and water at this point.  Purpleness is a way of life.  I don’t remember much from around the age of 4, but I sure remember loving I Wanna Be Your Lover whenever it came on the radio.  It was one of my very first vinyls too.  Even as a very young child there was just something that stood out about him that set him apart from the rest.  As an adult now, I understand fully what it was.  He will always be my favorite for far more reasons than I can possibly list here.  I'm just thankful to have grown up in The Purple Way.


This project was conceived out of the utmost love, adoration and respect for the man, his music, his message, and what he stood for.  It’s the kind of project I wished I’d have thought of several years ago, pre-4/21.  He has a way of just finding stuff out, I know he would’ve seen it eventually.  I’d like to think maybe he might’ve even dug the content and vibe of the project too.  Maybe he’s smiling down on it now anyways, who knows.


Being a fam for so long, there is no way I can condense my story to just one.  I have so many memories, special stories, thoughts and all kinds of stuff to share.  Rather than have it clog up the feature story sections of the website, I will confine mine to here.  The feature areas are all about all of you, the Humans of The Purple Collective.

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