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The Prince news of 4/21/16 has affected the world very deeply, esp. purple people.  We have a deep connection with him that is hard from some to understand.

My vision for Humans of the Purple Collective is to build a world-class collection of beautiful stories, narratives, and photos of everyday purple people sharing their life's experiences that involve Prince and his music in some way.  I hope for it to become a place where anyone can go for purple uplifting, inspiration, perhaps even for some the courage to face another day because it’s going to take a long, LONG time to heal, if ever, from such a devastating loss.  Like the many other ‘Humans Of’ pages out there it will feature stories, but these will specifically be purple stories from people from all over the world.


This site  is scheduled to open up to the public for viewing officially on 9/10/16 if we have enough stories to begin.  We are now accepting submissions.  Click link below.


For more information about the project, you can inquire at


Peace & B Wild


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